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What Is Remi-Niscent


Remi-Niscent has be created by two young entrepreneurs, Amit Patel and Alex Boateng, from South London who have managed to spot a definite gap in the hair industry.


Remi-Niscent is a online based company which allows you to purchase high quality Human Hair for extremely competitive price. As business men we have analysed the Hair industry and have witnessed a gap in the market. Based on our primary market research members of the public are looking for good quality hair at affordable prices , this is the main aspiration of Remi-Niscent Hair!


We seek to provide good quality hair at affordable prices. We are so confident that our prices are the cheapest on the market we are willing to price match any written quote. So please capitalise on the remarkable prices and help Remi-Niscent Hair grown and develop all across the world!


It is a company which has successfully been running for 7 months and has sold over 25kg of hair in this short space of time. Please refer to your blog and reviews page to see what our customers have to say about the hair we have been providing.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further inquires about the products or any of the services we offer.


Alex’s Personal Recommendation – I recommend Cambodian Hair which is new to the market.. The feedback I get about the Cambodian Hair is always positive, not too much shedding, hardly tangles, and feels fantastic. Cambodian Hair gets 9/10 according to top Hair Consultants.


Amit’s Personal Recommendation – I would recommend customers to use Peruvian Hair, it’s silky texture and volume makes it very aesthetically pleasing, whether you wear it straight wavy or curly it is bound to make heads role when you enter a room! Use Peruvian and treat it well with our products and you will be surprised by how long it will last you!

We look forward to hearing any questions or queries which you may have, please feel free to email us or directly call as on the information provided below.